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At Jersey Shore Supplements we carry thousands of products from hundreds of different brands.  No matter what you're looking for to reach your fitness goals or stay healthy, we've got the product to help you get there.More importantly, we'll give you the guidance you need to succeed. We will answer all the questions you have... we will have many of our own as well, that is the only way we will be able to help you. We will present a few options, as well as provide free samples for you to try out. Shop with confidence knowing that we can help you find the best products to reach your goal, regardless of your needs or budget. Come into any of our 5 locations so we can better assist you!
We also accept phone orders simply call us at 732-655-9010
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Here’s What Else You Will Get When You Come into any JSS Location:

FREE Inbody Scan, Nutrition Plan & Supplement Recommendations.

The Inbody Analysis helps us figure out your starting points and keeps track of your fitness progress. While your typical scale only gives you your body weight, an InBody scan will also provide us with your muscle mass, body fat percentage, total body water weight, basal metabolic rate, and more.
Knowing all of this allows us to make the best recommendations possible to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Inbody Analysis also saves and tracks your progress every time you use it, which is a great feature that allows us to adjust our recommendations over time to make sure progress is always being made. 
Nutrition is the biggest factor in reaching your health and fitness goals, which is why we offer FREE nutritional guidance to all our customers. We will go over with you what you currently eat in a typical day and make our recommendations based on that to better align your diet with your goals.
This may include adding, reducing, or substituting food from certain meals, adding in meals or meal replacement shakes, and/or moving the timing of meals. We utilize the results from your InBody scan to help us determine where your calories and protein need to be.
Our philosophy is that supplements are meant to help fill in the gaps and to optimize your diet and exercise routines, not take their place.
First and foremost, we believe in foundational supplements. These could be a meal replacement powder for someone on the go that doesn’t have time to get a meal in during the day, a fruits & greens supplement for someone who doesn’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, a whey protein isolate and a fast digesting carb powder for post workout recovery, a multivitamin to cover any vitamin or mineral deficiencies, etc. These supplements will make a difference in your daily life and set you up for success.
We will recommend goal specific supplements such as muscle builders, fat burners, and performance products that tie into your nutrition plan to truly put you on the path towards not only reaching but surpassing your goals.
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